‘Dowa Media’ is an Digital Content Factory, Online Virtual Asset Company. The company launched a joint online local business license in 2018 in Bangladesh.

This company basically makes all of Online Social Media Content & Distribution By Online Platforms & Online Shop.They commercially produce audio, video and article content for online platforms and sell, promote and distribute the same to various individuals and organizations on a royalty basis.

This company mainly produces its online content in three formats: articles, audio, video. This company’s online content creation programs are designed for Bengali speaking people spread across the globe. Although ‘Dowa Media’ started operations with an online business license in 2018, currently the company’s license is registered in Bangladesh. At present, all the activities of ‘Dowa Media’ are being conducted as per the guidelines approved by the Bangladesh Government. ‘Dowa Media’ is mainly working with Music, Visual, Information Feature and Animation in the global virtual world with these two languages, Bengali and English.